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“Boilermaking is the art of understanding metal in order to do what you want with it. This is learned by contact with the material alone.

Thanks to their decades of experience, GRAUX’s boilermakers have mastered the work of sheet metal in thin and thick layers. The precision of their work can go beyond the most demanding tolerances of ISO 2768, without machining intervention.

The recent machine park allows complex bending by programming over a length of 4500 mm, straightening of profiles of 16 m, internal rolling over 2000 mm.

The materials worked are carbon steels, stainless steels including refractory and Duplex, aluminum, and more specific metals such as high yield strength steels, Inconel, anti-abrasion steels, etc.

At GRAUX, the boilermaker works on his part from A to Z, he masters all aspects.

our equipment in


Workstations 12 see details
CNC bending machine 4500mm - 320 T 1 see details
Rolling machines 3 see details
Presses 3 see details

Virax pump

Vacuum pump and leak detection

VT / PT / RT / MT / UT welding tests


Electronic starters for motors < 250 KW

Laser alignment control

LVD CNC bending machine


Dynamic balancer

Garmatt Cabin

3D measuring arm type Faro

Three-dimensional measuring machine (3D)


Assembly room with controlled atmosphere

Insulated welding room

Welding positioner

Butler moving column milling machine

Mazak horizontal turning center

Mazak turning and milling center

Mazak vertical machining center

Mazak vertical machining center

Soraluce CNC milling machine with moving column

Soraluce CNC milling machine with moving column


Examples of projects

Our expertise intervenes in the realization of projects for various industrial sectors. Here are some examples:

Hoppers and venturi for sugar mills
Ion implanter in continuous flow
Vacuum tank for experiments
Vacuum beamline

Value creation chain

Our jobs

GRAUX peut assurer l'assistance technique de vos projets de fabrication de machines spéciales pour l'industrie. Contact : +32 60 51 25 85.

Technical Assistance

GRAUX spécialiste en chaudronnerie. Nos chaudronniers en maîtrisent tous les aspects. Un projet en chaudronnerie contactez-nous+32 60 512 585


Soudure qualifiée - Qualified welding

Qualified welding


Mechanical Welding

Disposant d'un parc machines CNC à la pointe de la technologie, GRAUX maîtrise le fraisage grandes dimensions et l'usinage grandes dimensions


Disposant d'un parc machines CNC à la pointe de la technologie, GRAUX maîtrise le fraisage grandes dimensions et l'usinage grandes dimensions

Large dimension milling

GRAUX maîtrise le traitements de surface. Votre projet sera protégé de la chaleur,  de la corrosion, de l’oxydation, de la pollution chimique.

Surface treatment

GRAUX assure le montage des pièces fabriquées ainsi que le matériel de commerce (moteurs, vérins, transmissions, etc.) et câble les différents organes de contrôle


Dimensional control

All products shipped from our workshops are made in-house, from design to delivery. Without any subcontractors. As a customer, you benefit from the guarantee of a perfectly executed job, without production hazards, without intermediary costs. The organization of the different workstations allows the optimization of the transfer flows of the produced units, from the raw materials to the final control before shipping.


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