Research & Development Projects

GRAUX is involved in several ambitious research and development projects. These projects are supported by the Walloon Region and the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

ERDF Program - Measure 2.3.2

A unique platform
in the world for
ion implantation

The WALIBEAM consortium has the ambition to set up a demonstration platform, including 5 pilot units, with the sole purpose of demonstrating the feasibility of industrializing ion implantation technologies. These are applied to the field of surface treatments through the development of new products and the design of new production tools.

GRAUX is one of the partners of this project and involved in the realization of the production pilots.

All parts have been assembled according to particular specifications, measured in vacuum with our test facility.
An ultra-high vacuum was obtained in static delivering a leakage rate lower than 1 x 10-10 mbar/l/s.

This is a world first for this consortium!

Partners: Ionics, AGC

Total budget: 17,388,621.25 €.

Grant: € 1,918,855.43

GRAUX invests: 641,873.27

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