our history

Striving for perfection since 1934

Since its inception, GRAUX has been able to stay ahead of the curve by having the latest technology available for its businesses. For example by having the first press brake in Belgium (picture).

the history of GRAUX

The concern for perfection
since 1934

Whether in terms of technical skills, equipment, machinery, management methods, standardization and complexity of the projects entrusted, the family business has always aimed for the best performance. This concern for perfection has led to the evolution of the small workshop from its beginnings to the present structure, solid and concerned with meeting 100% of the increasingly complex needs of its customers.

This strong position has made the company a reference in the field of mechanical welding and special machine construction for industry.


Purchase of the company COMEMO

Foundation of the company by Henri GRAUX, engineer, and his wife Louise by the purchase of the company COMEMO (COnstructions MEtalliques de MOmignies) which has the first mechanical press brake in Belgium.

during this time, we hear on the radio…