Puissance du CERN

GRAUX increases CERN's power

Recherche nucleaire

GRAUX is at the heart of NUCLEAR RESEARCH


GRAUX cooperates in medical advances


GRAUX supplies the brewing industry


GRAUX equips the European ELT

GRAUX receives GECO award for best medium-sized company 2021
GRAUX is equipped with a “Clean Room”.
GRAUX contributes to the operation of the world’s largest telescope
GRAUX acquires a new large milling machine
Extension of our buildings
Well-deserved retirement for Marc CHANTEUX

Welcome to GRAUX

Manufacturer of

Since 1934, GRAUX has been manufacturing and assembling parts, mechanical assemblies and complete machines for the industry.

As a pioneer in the sheet metal industry in Belgium, GRAUX has evolved to become a reference in the manufacturing of special industrial machines. From the most common to the most innovative.

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