The assurance of quality work

Thanks to its unique market experience, GRAUX has a structure that meets the needs of industrial contract givers:
a flexible, reliable and well managed organisation for assuring quality, the respect of lead times and safety
in every project.

The quality process

Controlled by a fully integrated ERP, every flow management process is standardized and constantly evaluated in order to guarantee quality products and services – from the offer to the warranty. The main steps are:

1 – Detailed offers, studied technical solutions.

2 – Order with confirmation receipt.

3 – Technical preparation – optimisation.

4 – Supplies with certificates.

5 – Certification of critical welds.

6 – Quality control and receipt.

7 – Respect of the delivery dates.

8 – Warranty.

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Respect of the ISO 3834 norm
  • Weld specialists
  • Complete welding notebook
ISO 9001 certification

The entirety of our project management process respects the ISO 9001 quality norm. It illustrates our continuous attention to client satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certificate
Respect of the ISO 3834 norm

Our procedures, defined according to ISO 3834, allow us to guarantee total control of the welds in accordance with your requirements.

ISO 3834-2 Certificate
Weld specialists

Our team of welding experts is made up of:

– 1 International Welding Specialist (IWS)

– 2 welding coordinators

– 13 qualified welders according to ISO 9606

Specialized Welding Certificate

Welding Coordination Certificate
Complete welding notebook

Depending on your needs, GRAUX can provide you with a complete welding notebook containing:

– Certificates for filler materials and metals

– Welding plan

– Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)

– Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

– Welder Certificates

– Certificates of non-destructive and destructive controls carried out by GRAUX or an external body

Example of macrographic examination carried out:

We aim for the highest level of client satisfaction,
for a very good reason

I consider that GRAUX is a ‘rare’ company. Rare by virtue of the very high level of quality of the products its supplies, the listening ability of the persons with whom I am in contact and the company’s very competitive prices.

GRAUX’s strong points are the quality of their work and their production possibilities. They have some well-equipped workshops and can achieve some impressive things.

GRAUX is the only company in the sector to submit such detailed and complete bid packages. Both technically and commercially, it would be good if everyone could be like them.

GRAUX’s competitiveness in technical and qualitative terms is very good. This is borne out by the large number of checks that we carry out throughout the production process up to delivery.

As far as we are concerned, GRAUX has several important strengths: highly flexible, great adaptation capacity and a very high level of technical expertise in its work.

GRAUX is different from its competitors, not just as a mechanical workshop, but also by its moderate size and the availability of its management team and project managers. Their strong points lie in their ability to respond within the required lead times and with the necessary precision of work.

Graux has real human capital, combining high skill levels – particularly in sheet metal working and welding. The management team is young and dynamic. With a company like GRAUX, one is reassured, not worried.

GRAUX stands head and shoulders above all other companies offering, as they do, mechanical welding and with which I have had dealings in the past.

For me, what distinguishes GRAUX from the competition is its straightforwardness. It is a relation without any hidden agenda, where one works openly, with real strengths in boiler making and mechanical welding.

Cooperating to last

Our motto ‘Cooperating to last’ symbolises our values of realism, rigour and sharing,
which motivate the entire team involved in the fulfilment of your projects.


Every project entrusted to Graux is methodically analyzed in its smallest details. This systematic approach guarantees the very highest quality standard.


All the energy and skill at GRAUX are focused on the client’s requirements, in terms of quality as well as price and delivery time. With the experience and pragmatism of Graux, the impossible becomes possible.


GRAUX shares all the information needed for the success of each project with its clients, teams and partners, while strictly respecting the related confidentiality aspects. Our practical experience is your asset.

At the cutting edge of technology

Our heritage gives us faith in the future. This is why we remain, always, at the forefront of technology and of our industry
know-how – all of which goes into the success of your projects.

17 m³ mixing unit with stainless steel rotor
Drum conveyor turner
Organic matter mixer
Skid for CIP vessel
Cooling unit
On board machines
Small dimension machining
Foodstuff washing/sorting vessel
Sealing hood
Large dimension machining
Transfer box
Handling tool for cleaning piston
Handling tool for restricted area
Anod press
Support casing
Rail conveyor
Nozzle shutter
Machine for railway sleepers
Stainlees steel mixer
Tool handling and positionning trolley
Exhaust system for aero engines

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