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Repairs cost less than replacements!

23 September 2014

The maintenance of an industrial tool can often be expensive. In a context where budgets are tight, repairs offer a better solution to purchasing new equipment. But this is only true if you can trust the quality of the repair…

At Graux you find the expertise needed to analyse the state of your equipment and offer the optimum solution for your budget.

Thanks to a high level of know-how including boiler-making, welding and machining, Graux can recondition your piece – even very large items – and guarantee the quality of the result. So you make great savings!

Example of achievement

Reconditioning a rolling mill furnace door deformed by heat

The doors in rolling mill ovens suffer a lot. The temperature differences can be very significant and the handling conditions are difficult. But the door ensures the energy stays inside the oven. So it is a strategic piece of equipment for which we cannot take risks. Previously, the doors were replaced by new ones when they showed signs of fatigue.

Due to cost optimization, the maintenance manager was considering repairing the door – but there was zero room for error.

That is why he asked Graux to analyse the state of the structure and suggest a budget for reconditioning it, while guaranteeing flawless operation.

The budget offer was very interesting compared to the cost of a new door. Reassured by Graux’s know-how, the maintenance manager validated the repair. The intervention required a lot of analysis, caution and experience to dismantle, straighten and reassemble carbon steel and refractory stainless steel parts. Complex welding choices were controlled by our welding coordinator and we were able to propose an almost new part.

This first door was put to work during the following campaign and has now being working for a few years without worry. A second has just been rebuilt!


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