Turning, milling and reaming from the smallest to the largest dimensions.

To manufacture machines or complete sets, a multitude of machined parts are necessary.

Whether it be a small 50mm axis or a 6500*2500*1500 mm chassis, Graux has a large and recent machine park to machine all components.

Graux also contract-manufactures parts as units or small series for clients that do not have such resources.

The machine park is exclusively digital (CNC) and the programming is either made conversationally closest to the part, or from a 3D plan via computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).


CAD/CAM Mastercam

2 machining centers X: 3000 Y: 700 Z: 800; Rotation speed: 18000 rpm; 5 positioned axis; 48 tool magazine
2 turning-milling centers Ø 920 L: 3000 mm;  4 axis (including turning tools and milling axis); 12-tool turret

2 CNC milling-reaming machines with traveling column and universal head, indexable to 0.001° and 360,000 position turning table X: 6500 Y: 2500 Z: 1500

1 CNC reaming machine Spindle Ø105 X:1800 Y:1250 Z:1250 W:630
2 Mortising machines Sliding shoe: 300 mm; table 500 x 460 mm; width: 27 mm

Our machiners at work

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Sheet metal, tube and
1 to 500 mm thick profile work
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Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and
electrical assembly in workshop
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Qualified welding

Quality welds, mastered
and controlled
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Mechanical welding

Welded and machined sets
up to 6500 mm long and 12.6 t!
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Surface treatments

Liquid painting, scouring-passivation
and browning
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Dimensional control

3D control with Faro type arm
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Technical support

Mechanical engineers at your disposal!
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Looking for a highly qualified manufacturer?

Graux provides expertise in the manufacturing of subsets and sets of special machines.

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