19 December 2019

A new SORALUCE FP 8000 milling machine is operational.

In October 2019, GRAUX started up a new milling machine with large dimensional capacity, more precise and autonomous. This equipment completes the upgrade of the entire production tool and thus meets the growing demand for the manufacture of large mechanically welded units.

Hosting a 26-ton machine in a working workshop presents many challenges.

The installation of this new machining set required careful preparation. The pursuit of activities in the hall intended to accommodate this machine should not be compromised while reorganizing the work areas in order to free up space for carrying out the important work necessary for the preparation of the slab. All this in a busy production planning period! The team was flexible and fully participated in the smooth arrival of this new ‘baby’.

The demolition of the concrete slab, the excavation and the clearing of 240 m3 of earth were completed at the end of May 2019. Then, during the month of June, specific reinforcement was carried out, the pouring of a concrete high resistance and the very precise production of the machine anchoring studs.

When August resumed, following the official summer closing, the milling machine was installed. After this work, which lasted six weeks, the first machine adjustments were able to start at the end of September. The final acceptance took place in early October.

Technical information of the milling machine.

Brand: Soraluce

Model: FP 8000

Longitudinal stroke (X axis): 8000mm

Vertical stroke (Y axis): 3100mm

Cross travel (Z axis): 1600mm

Milling head with automatic indexing, power 37 KW, rotation speed 7000 RPM

40 tools magazine

Heindenhain iTNC 640 digital control which receives programs from our CAD / CAM Mastercam.

Machine dimensions: 16250x8200x4130 mm

Weight: 26 T

Observed tolerances measurements upon receipt of the machine.

The machine was received in our workshops with the following measures:

  • Machine geometry accuracy according to ISO 10791-3:
    • X axis: 0.022 mm on the 8000mm
    • Y axis: 0.005 mm
    • Z axis: 0.02 mm
  • Head accuracy according to ISO 10791-3:
    • Spindle nose: 0.005mm
    • Spindle axis relative to the table: 0.004mm
    • Head rotation: 0.01mm

(source : Manufacturer’s video. The images at the end of the articles present the FP 8000 milling machine in our workshops.)

A new machine geared towards the needs of demanding customers.

This milling machine ideally complements all of our production tools. It allows us to respond, in particular, to specific needs both in terms of large machining dimensions and high production dynamics.

Here are its main advantages:

  • More capacity in terms of dimension;
  • Greater precision;
  • Machining in full autonomy (without permanent operator) thanks to the 40 tools cassette;
  • High spindle speed allowing better surface finish and faster machining of aluminum;
  • Perfect for machining large dimension welds.

Images of the milling machine in our workshops


31 December 2015

Electric consumption is an important issue for our company regarding cost management as well as enivonmental responsability.

A green solution has been developed with Issol company in order to install more than 340 photovoltaïc units on worshops’ roof. This production of 83 Mwh will assume a major part of our needs in electricity.

It is the first step before a production of 100% of our consumption in a green way.

Links to press articles:


Vers l’avenir


3 March 2015

Arrival of a new maching center from Mazak. With a table of 3000*800*700mm, moving head, this center is dedicated for a wide range of pieces with the highest quality and precision.

Video of the machining center in production:


15 November 2014

In order to meet the most demanding requirements, we are equipped with a LVD ECDP 5 320/4500 press brake.

This 320-ton press bends plates of carbon steel up to 12 mm thick and more than 4 metres long.

Its precision is remarkable and its speed is simply spectacular.

What this means for you
  • An eco-friendly machine that runs as economically as an electric press brake.
  • Robust and reliable hydraulics.
  • Course of the cylinders controlled by two ultra-price encoders.
  • CADMAN® Lite Adaptive digital control of the 5 axes.
  • Ideal for precision applications in competitive markets.
Installation report